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Cumberland Analytical Laboratories, Inc. employs highly trained environmental professionals within its many departments.   Each professional offers our clients a wide range of experience and expertise. The staff is composed of individuals that have distinct backgrounds in the environmental profession, construction, and engineering, and degrees in various disciplines such as chemistry, biology, and health sciences, all which correlate perfectly with the daily occupational functions being performed. Personnel have specific training in the various environmental fields and numerous state and federal certifications and licenses. In addition, CALI employs Industrial Hygiene Technicians with construction management experience including asbestos testing & asbestos abatement. Training is updated through periodic staff meetings and external sessions.    


Some of the various personnel have the following professional qualifications and licenses relative to occupation functions being performed in Pennsylvania:


          Certified Indoor Air Quality Managers (CIAQM)

          Certified Asbestos Building Inspectors

          Certified Asbestos Management Planners

          Certified Asbestos Project Designers

          Certified Asbestos Supervisors/ Contractors

          NIOSH 582 or equivalent Certification for Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM)

          McCrone Training for Polarized Light Microscopy (Bulk Asbestos Material Analysis)

          Certified Lead Hazard Control Inspector

          Certified Lead Hazard Risk Assessors

          Certified Lead Control Supervisors/ Contractors

          Certified Lead Project Designers

          Phase I Environmental Assessment Certified

          OSHA HAZWOPER 40-Hour Training

          First Aid and CPR Certified

          Asbestos testing



The staff also maintains various certifications and licenses in other states, as well, to comply to the daily needs of clients in their respective locations.  The staff continues to receive annual training and respiratory testing to perform sampling and other services in almost any situation, including nuclear facilities and power generation facilities, confined spaces, and in locations where fall protection will be required.    


Cumberland Analytical Laboratories, Inc. (CALI) maintains the high level of quality of its services, reports, and sample analysis through an internal Quality Assurance \ Quality Control program.  The Project Manager is responsible for ensuring that only competent and properly trained individuals are performing the necessary occupation functions.  All documents, reports and laboratory results are checked and reviewed for completeness and accuracy.


With the qualifications, training, expertise, education, and backgrounds of Cumberland Analytical Laboratories Inc.’s (CALI's) employees, and the available resources associated with the firm, we are confident that we can perform any required occupational function for our clients.